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Studio Timetable

You are welcome to join classes mid-term.

If you are new to Yogatree classes please become a site member by clicking "Free Yogatree Membership" and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page. Being a site member will enable you to enrol for ours courses and the newsletter will keep you up to date will events and the release dates of course bookings.

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Level Descriptors online

Yogatree testamonials

“I highly recommend Yogatree classes. Excellent teaching, friendly and experienced teachers, in a beautiful and well-equipped Corsham studio or via Zoom. The classes are the highlight of my week and have helped keep me sane during lockdown”

- Caroline Holden, Bath

Which level class should I attend?

Drop in: We only offer drop in classes on Sat 9am and Sun 10am. ( £12 a class) or (£6 for young adults under 30)



Suitable for those who have never done Iyengar yoga / are fairly new to yoga / are returning after a break (£10.00)


Beginners plus

For beginners or improvers who are new to Iyengar Yoga or are returning after a break (£12)

Chair Yoga

Suitable for those who have been unwell or are elderly and find it hard to get up and down from the floor. Classes will be slower paced and with the use of a chair or other props to support you in the postures. (£10.00)

Level 1

Suitable for those who have been attending regular Iyengar Yoga classes for at least 1 year (£13)

Level 2

Suitable for those who have been attending regularly for at least 2 years and are confident at practicing headstand and shoulder stand (£14)


For long term students who have practiced Iyengar Yoga for many years, have a daily home practice which includes inverted poses and who like to be challenged (£14)


For long standing students, teachers and trainees who have a daily practice and can maintain head stand and shoulder stand for at least 5 minutes and like to be challenged (£14)



Therapy is a workshop type class where each person is assisted with a bespoke set of yoga asanas, This is recommended when there is an ailment , injury or medical condition which makes a general class unsuitable. The aim in is to develop confidence in how to  practice at home to aid recover and enable you to return join a general class (£14)

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